IT Workorders (New!)

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Request IT Support

** Please note new login credentials NOTE below **

For any problems, questions, or concerns, the Dover School District IT Team is here to help. For ALL issues, please submit an IT Helpdesk Work Order using our helpdesk system linked below.

For assistance resetting your password, please provide a telephone number where you can be reached (that matches one we have on file for you) and (optionally) suggested times to call.

Getting Started

CLICK HERE >> Dover IT Helpdesk System << (External Link) to submit a work order.

Login Credentials.

NOTE: The migration of the helpdesk system to the new SAU11 domain is complete. Please login exactly as you would to any SAU11 school district computer (using your "new" password).

All new employees have been added to the system. If you have any problems logging in, please ask a colleague to submit a work order on your behalf.

Important Notes:

1. Please limit the submission of critical work orders to issues affecting a large number of users or that require IT staff to immediately divert resources to resolve.
2. Please limit the submission of high work orders to issues that you feel must be prioritized above/before other work orders being submitted by school district faculty and staff.